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Prochaine version 2017 conforme aux exigences de la loi contre la fraude à la TVA.

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Solune’s English translation tables are available

Solune informatique carries a complete line of management software packages ; handy and efficient, they were specially made for small-sized firms :

- Solune Ipso, administration management and activity management

- Solune Alta, advanced industrial management.

These solutions are helpful to run your whole business ; from estimate to billing including production and quality.

- With Solune Ipso and Alta : administration management, purchasing, subcontracting, stocks,tracing back, quality documents management, bargain / customer / supplier / reference balance sheet, accounting interface...

- With Solune Alta : Work orders, workshop follow up, needs calculation, production planning/scheduling, hours clocking in with bar codes, work orders balance sheet.

Solune users are 1 to 50 people firms or enterprises in the fields of mechanical productions, sheet metal workshops, boiler-making, moulds, plastic manufacturing, farm produce....Contacts list available on request. Solune’s English and Spanish translation tables are now available. As Solune sofware packages are directly translatable by users, other languages can be considered.

Solune informatique is looking for partners to deal with translation, distribution and the sofware packages medium.

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